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Posh- Sleek, Sheikh, & Iconic

Posh- Sleek, Sheikh, & Iconic
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Who Very well remembers the legendary Fashion icon, Victoria Beckham. Years.. 2008-2010?! i call her the 'Centenera' of fashion ! Taking you down fashion memory lane...How hard was it to add only ONE image, (Which i collaged into 3) for this blog! it didn't allow me to upload more  *sad face* She literally Set Foot in Style every single time she stepped out those 3 years, and till this very day! There wasn't a style she didn't wear, that young women didn't consider recreating the look! From oversized blazers, paired with Shorts. Or Chunky Sweaters, Skinny Jeans and Louboutin Boots, & Heels. Her petite frame was ravishing in all her looks! She brought forth the style of carrying a "Big Bag", i remember day dreaming about owning her closet :p, Hermes Bags, Chanel Clutches, Form Fitting Midi Dresses, Her style has & always will be Classic, you can recreate a look from '08 and still Slay.. Thanks To Spoiled, we carry Similar Styles, with friendly price tags! Cheers to being able to be just as stylish as Posh.. affordably! NEW Arrivals hitting the floors of Spoiled Weekly! *cheering* . 

Classic. Sleek & Sheikh

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